Scattered Together

Scattered Together
Edited by: Eirik Gumeny

In a universe, in a galaxy, in a planetary system, in a world, in a hemisphere, in a continent, in a country, in a local municipality, in a house, in your hands sits a book so chock full of mind-bending stories that it would be a crime against nature to not make some toast, put on some pj pants, sit down and read it this very nanosecond.

From a light-hearted dinner date to an all-out absurdist dystopian future about robot lubrication, Scattered Together has all this and so much more. Picking up where his last collection, Perhaps., left off, Stephen Schwegler's newest pieces are more outlandish, more exhilarating and even a bit more heart-warming.

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Stories Included:
"Your Journey Begins..."^
"Three Cornflowers"*
"Rodents from Beyond: Part Two"*
"Faulty Toast"*
"Two on Two"*
"Family Affair"^
"Continuing the Adventure"^
"Contents Under Pressure"*
"Cake or Pie or Timmy"*
"Abs Killstrong"^
"The Reclusive Rodent Wrangler"*
"A Parking Space Fit for an Elephant"*
"Expiration Date"*
"Peg LeTron"^
"Earth Creature Warriors!"^

*These previously published stories have been re-edited for this collection.
^New stories exclusive to this collection.

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