Monday, December 08, 2014

These Early Reviews are Getting... Dangerous!

A nice early review of Gag from the all-powerful and all-flatulent Danger Slater. Here's what he had to say:

"This man put together a bunch of words. Those words made sentences. Those sentences formed chapters and those chapters told a story. And then those chapters got drunk and told the story again. And then those chapters got sober and told the story about how they accidently told that first story twice. There are moments of real emotional rawness in here, though they are stitched together by scenes painted in absurd colors. The repetition of the story is actually rather effective, showing how the same scenes, presented in various orders, can strike an unexpected chord of sincerity. Or levity. Or insanity. Perhaps that’s the real take-away here. Anxiety makes life unpredictable, even when you’re treading somewhere as familiar as your own house. As you’re walking through the living room of this book for the third time, you suddenly realize you’re still unsure of how it will all unfold. The furniture keeps getting rearranged. You keep tripping over ottomans like the opening credits to the Dick Van Dyke Show."

Thank you, Danger, for those kind words. Gag is out this Friday! The 12th! Woo!

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