Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Week of Awesomeness!

Well then. I really didn't think it would have been possible to have a week that topped the last one, but the last seven days have been truly amazing.

First off, we got a blurb for the cover of Screw the Universe by none other than Mr. Boomstick himself, Bruce Campbell! I was literally speechless for a good minute or two. Still, it's mind-boggling to me. Yeah, it was on Twitter, and yeah, he didn't actually read the book, but who cares! See the blurb on the Screw the Universe page, in the screen shot on the right and on this link of the actual tweet.

Secondly, and probably all due to the bit from up above, Screw the Universe made it to #15 on Amazon.com's Kindle Parodies top 100 list. In addition to that, we also made it to #65 on Amazon's Science Fiction Anthologies top 100 list.

So, again, on behalf of Eirik and myself, thank you!

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