Thursday, July 28, 2011

The ePocalypse: Emails at the End

The ePocalypse: Emails at the End  
Pill Hill Press
Compiled and Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts

It's the end of the world... but there's still time to send out a quick email.  This collection features 33 apocalyptic collaborative short stories, written entirely in email format. The end is near, so you better read while you can!

Stories included:
  • "Steak Knives and Shoes" by Eirik Gumeny & Stephen Schwegler
  • "The World Has Gone to Pot" by Karin Becht & Matt Becht
  • "Lost and Spammed" by Chris Lewis Carter & Roger Sellars
  • "Tides of Chaos" by Blaze McRob & Lori R. Lopez 
  • "Hark! Listen to the Animals" by Lisa Tang Liu & Ken Liu
  • "Desdemona" by Harris Tobias & Mark Souza
  • "The Omega File" by Darin Kennedy & Eden Royce
  • "Perfectly You" by Marianna Halbert & Mark Souza
  • "Twittering Machines" by Blaize M. Kaye and Bryan Gruneberg
  • "May God have mercy on our souls" by Brianna Stoddard & Iain Pattison
  • "Anyone?" by Frances Pauli & Jaleta Clegg
  • "The Final Statement" by Sarah E. Glenn & Gwen Mayo
  • "Cataclysmic (Re)Connection" by Ellie Garratt & Chris Allinotte
  • "Last Day, Last Stand" by Peter Giglio & Charles Day
  • "The Angel Wars" by Patricia Hollett & Tammy Crosby
  • "Virtually Paradise" by M.S. Gardner & Mark Souza   
  • "Purity" Through Pain by Adrian Chamberlin, Ian Kobe & Suzanne Robb
  • "Malarfen" by M. Leon Smith & Rob Moran
  • "Long Way Home" by Richard Farren Barber & Stuart Hughes
  • "Countdown to Extinction" by R. Phillip Roberts & Bowie V. Ibarra
  • "The Children of Josh and Addy" by T. Fox Dunham & Deborah Drake
  • "Family Ties" by Matt Nord & Rebecca Besser
  • "Silent Green" by Tom Howard, Belinda Christ & Amanda Howard
  • "Just like Cuckoo" by Brendan Duffy & David McDonald
  • "Noah’s Ark" by Mandi M. Lynch, Steph DuFresne, L.A. Hale
  • "The Blight" by Jim Bronyaur & Maria Kelly
  • "Between the Fire and the Flames" by Felix Hooke & Sebastian Flynn
  • "Animal Kingdoom" by Anastasija Ivanovic, Anne Michaud & Jessica Peter
  • "Firestorm" by Nick Boldock & Darren Sant
  • "Messages from Vegas at the End of the World" by Jason Andrew & Lisa Andrew
  • "It Was the Best of Times; It Was the End of Times" by Mark Travis & Cristina Hayden
  • "The Refuge" by Wendra Chambers & Terence Kuch
  • "The Horses are Coming" by Lily Scanlan & Claire O’Donnell

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