Friday, July 30, 2010

Used Gravitrons

Used Gravitrons: Issue #02
Used Gravitrons Quarterly
Edited by Shea Newton

  • "Dream (a song)" by Tim Andreae
  • "Two on Two" by Stephen Schwegler
  • "Bird Lady" by Michael Lee Johnson
  • "The Laughing Skeleton" by Kyle Hemmings
  • "HEISENBERG" by Mike Berger
  • "'Six Pack' story" by Daniel Janin
  • "The Song Inspired By That Open Mouth" by Tim Andreae
  • "Legal Tender" by Amy Milione
  • "Homie Don't Play That" by Keith Zimmerman
  • "The Day Our Home Exploded" by John Lambremont Sr.
  • "Used Cakes" by Tom Hamilton
  • "Were I Not a Coward" by Zozie Beatrice
  • "The House of Lil Joe" by Michael A. Hayes
  • "K1 Took My Nail Polish [a Letter]" by Zozie Beatrice
  • "Chronicles of Tim Pt. 2: James-Francis Bentley" by Mike Wiley

Cover Art by Jamie Gleixner
Drawings by Jessica Stapp
Photography by Eli Craven

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