Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 2010 Jersey Devil Press Anthology

The 2010 Jersey Devil Press Anthology
Jersey Devil Press
Edited by Eirik Gumeny

  • "The Legend of the Jersey Devil" by Eirik Gumeny
  • "Jersey Fresh" by Kate Delany
  • "The Golden Streams of Babylon" by Andrew Frankel
  • "Run Away" by Z.Z. Boone
  • "This is a Story About California and I Would Be Living There" by Jonathan Plombon
  • "Nate and Able" by Bruce J. Berger
  • "You and Me and the End of the World" by M.R. Lang
  • "Navels" by Ansley Moon
  • "Big Girl" by yt sumner
  • "Run for the Border" by Louis Wittig
  • "Tête-à-Tête" by Christina Murphy
  • "How to Tell Your Aunt and Uncle You Want to Marry Their Daughter" by Kevin Brown
  • "Snowpocalypse" by Danger_Slater
  • "English Degree" by Ryan Werner
  • "A Parking Space Fit for an Elephant" by Stephen Schwegler
  • "Mendelssohn Hinkle's One Thing" by Jonathan H. Roberts
  • "Album of the Year" by Gavin Broom
  • "Out of Steam Punk and Zombies Comes Bruce Lee" by Jenny Ortiz
  • "Three Dates in Orlando" by Daniel McDermott
  • "The Werebear Who Wished to Come in from the Rain" by Mike Sweeney

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